Researching Women Entrepreneurs’ Management Practice in Order to Improve Their Competencies to Achieve Business Success – WE-Succeed

This research was supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia #1012

About the Project

Women’s Entrepreneurship

The Project stems from the understanding that women’s entrepreneurship can be a way to improve the quality of life and achieve social equality. It investigates the effects of the management practice of Serbian women entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector on their business performance with the purpose of contributing to their business success.

Consistent with national goals

The Project contributes to the achievement of a number of national strategic goals related to:
- women’s entrepreneurship competitiveness;
- gender equality;
- university-industry cooperation;
- increasing quality and visibility of Serbian science;
- academic mobility.

Understudied field

Although undoubtedly significant, women’s entrepreneurship is still understudied, especially outside the developed countries. Even more scarce is the research on women entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector. Research on women entrepreneurs in Serbia is needed, and yet it is rare and with methodological flaws.

Project bridges research gap

The Project will expand the knowledge of women’s entrepreneurship by discovering its features in less explored contexts (developing countries and manufacturing sector); it will contribute to consolidation of the theories and to fully understanding of this multifaceted phenomenon. By providing new findings, the Project will inspire further research into the topic, will inform policy decision making and will improve the competitiveness of Serbian female entrepreneurs, and their socio-economic standing.

Step forward in the research

The Project represents a step forward in the research of women entrepreneurs by responding to the calls to de-masculinize women’s entrepreneurship research design by:
- deploying both qualitative and quantitative research;
- introducing gender-specific variables;
- by widening the set of measures of business performance and success.

Project results

The Project results both in theory enrichment and industry ready-to-use solution in a form of a mobile application for female entrepreneurs’ management purposes. The Project’s research results will be published in international journals and proceedings. In this way the Project goes beyond Serbian social science scholars’ dominant practice of only publishing papers, predominantly in national journals.

Our Team

Danijela Stošić Panić

Principal Investigator

Aleksandra Anđelković

Work Package Coordinator

Marija Radosavljević

Work Package Coordinator

Vesna Janković Milić

Work Package Coordinator

Bojana Novićević Čečević